Are you about to be replaced by a Robot?

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Hold onto your tin-foil hats, a research team consisting of Oxford Academics and Deloitte Accountants have claimed that over a third of UK jobs are at high risk of being automated in the next 20 years. This alarming statement comes at a disturbing time for the economy and the claims state that around 35% of all UK jobs and around 30% of all London jobs are at high risk for being automated.


For a third of the UK’s workforce, the jobs most at risk are those paying less than £30,000 a year, being almost five times more likely to be replaced by automated software and/or hardware than jobs paying over £100,000. This figure is dramatically increased in London, where it’s an astounding eight times more likely.



In a massive swing away from the industrial revolution, skill-sets involving foreign languages, support, clerical and processing skills are less needed in the workplace. Conversely, more valued skill-sets include creativity, management and ‘digital know-how’. Of businesses inside London, around 73% plan to hire in the next five years, with 51% saying they’ll be increasing their teams by at least 10%.


However, 40% of the remaining jobs are at an incredibly low-risk and this increases to a safer 51% within London. So kiss your lucky shoes because it’s been revealed that these jobs are primarily in education, computing, media and engineering. Application Developers and UX Designers are said to be at the very bottom of the pile for least at risk jobs, wow!


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