Why students should play more Chess

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A new finding in the UK has proven that students at primary level that play Chess increase their competitive side.


Research has proven that primary school children that play Chess for at least an hour a week increases their level of thinking, makes them focus more and also raises their competitive edge.


Experts are now saying that students as young as seven should receive tuition to raise there skill and ability in the game of Chess which can have raise “soft skills” as well as the academic ability.


In addition there seems to be a link that playing Chess increases students cognitive skills, problem-solving ability and there ability to be more competitive and cope better with the stress of winning and losing.


However, many public schools in the UK fail to provide Chess as part of the curriculum due to the demands of other subjects as well as schools that high disruption level. Currently around 1 in 10 students get access to playing chess which gives advantage to students from a private or well funded background.

Some amazing statistics came from a study that was conducted with 221 schools. The finding shows the following:

  • 99% of students showed that Chess improved cognitive skills
  • 96% admitted to having better problem solving skills
  • 89% said their concentration levels increases
  • 93% said that improved their competitive edge
  • 90% insisted students were able to handle with winning and losing better

Education in the UK is struggling to keep on par with its international competitors in Asia and Scandinavian countries achieving the highest results in the world. Does your school offer students the ability to play chess?

International schools are looking to raise the bar and offer more extra curricular activities to students as parents are looking to gain the best from the school, especially when some schools charge very high. Take a look below at the benefits of your students playing chess.



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