The United Arab Emirates NEEDS Teachers!

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Across the United Arab Emirates, schools are failing to keep up with the huge increase in demand for teachers. Following a string of developments across the region, the UAE’s schools have become saturated with expatriate and Emirati students alike.


In Dubai alone, there are 169 schools with over 243,000 students. These schools employ over fourteen-thousand teachers and the amount of teachers growing is skyrocketing each year at a rate of 8.3%, but it is unable to keep up as this demand multiples and its employment efforts last year fell short by at least 800 teachers across the Northern Emirates. In the coming few years up until 2020, school populations are expected to increase drastically upwards of 366,000 pupils across 250 schools.



The Vice President of School Operator Sabis, Victor Saad, gives his thoughts: “There is a dependence on expats across the Middle East and North Africa region and there is a challenge on finding the right teacher and that is leading to more investment in research and development in trying to create quality teachers.”


In the last decade alone, the private education sector has seen enrolment double and has needed to have had supply teachers introduced as well. This demand has had massive repercussions: as the demand for teachers in the UAE has increased so have the salaries for said teachers.


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