Top 5 Countries to Teach English Abroad with the Highest Salaries

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Teaching abroad is a great way to gain international experience in extremely valued schools with countless benefits. English as Second Language (ESL) Teachers are in high demand in international schools and teaching institutions. Teaching English abroad is a great way to travel and have an unforgettable experience working amongst a highly motivated team.


1. Korea

Bukchon Hanok Village with modern building in Seoul, South Korea

Korea a mixed modern country with many years of culture and history. South Korea consists of a wealthy economy and high dedication in education which makes it a top location for teaching English Abroad. It offers an exceptional international experience with amazing travel opportunities in Asia. Cost of Living is very cheap so plenty of money to save!

Benefits of Teaching English in Korea:

  • · Salary Per Month – £800 – £1000
  • · With Free Furnished Accommodation
  • · Free Flight Ticket and Provided with expense for Flight home at the end of contract
  • · Extra Bonus Monthly Salary at end of a year contract


2. China


From the remarkable skylines of Shanghai and high-speed rail trains to wonderful attractions in Beijing. China consists of a prosperous economy with differences between East and West (Ancient and Modern). It’s one of the most profitable job markets worldwide for teaching English overseas. English classes are very popular in China with over 300 million Chinese learning by ESL Teachers every year!

Benefits of Teaching English in China:

  • · Salary Per Month – £1500 – £2500 (Able to save enough money after expenses)
  • · With Free Furnished Accommodation
  • · Free Flight Ticket and Provided with expense for Flight home at the end of contract
  • · Modern, fast-paced cities like Shanghai, Shenzhen or Beijing offering big shopping malls, great cuisine, mixed culture, thrilling nightlife, historical sights and modern public transportation.


3. Japan

Shibuya Shopping District, Tokyo, Japan

Full of culture, history, fantastic cuisine and breath-taking attractions. With a fast-paced and modern lifestyle, Japan has plenty of room for qualified English Teachers.

Benefits of Teaching English in Japan:

  • · Salary Per Month – £1500 – £3500 (enough to save £400 – £800 a month after expenses)
  • · Most offer Free Furnished Accommodation or Housing Allowance
  • · Get your dream teaching job in the comfort of your home before you fly off!
  • · Modern, fast-paced life in Tokyo with great shopping centres, variety of cuisine, diverse culture, exciting nightlife and historical sightseeing in cities like Kyoto and Hiroshima consisting of temples, traditional wooden houses, pagoda, garden and imperial palaces.


4. Taiwan


Based on an island, east of China, Taiwan is a modern city mixed with Chinese culture in a warm tropical environment like Florida or Jamaica.

Benefits of Teaching English in Taiwan:

  • · Salary Per Month – £1500 – £2000 (enough to save £400 – £600 a month after expenses)
  • · Most offer Free Housing or Housing Allowance (Cost of Living is inexpensive)
  • · Consists of high living standards in wealthy and democratic Asian society
  • · Fun vibrant street life, busy shopping streets of Taipei and bright markets
  • · Enjoy stunning coastlines, traditional Chinese temples, dramatic mountainous terrain and known for its hot springs resorts & wonderful views.
  • · Explore Chinese and Taiwanese Culture and learn Mandarin.


5. Middle East

Leadership and Vision


Countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain offer great opportunities to work as ESL Teacher with great benefits and be able to earn Tax-Free Salary. Marvellous oil wealth and a want to succeed to become global players in the economic and political areas have pushed the Arab countries of the Arab Gulf region to spend billions of dollars into their education systems, mainly English language teaching

Benefits of Teaching English in the Persian Gulf region:

  • · Salary Per Month – TAX-FREE £1500 – £3500
  • · Free Furnished Accommodation or Housing Allowance, Free Health Insurance and Free flights to and from your home country.
  • · Explore a district rich in culture and history with incredible sightseeing and travel opportunities to nearest top destinations in Africa, Europe and South Asia.
  • · Vibrant, up-to-date cities providing amazing cuisine, plenty of activities, world-class shopping malls, mixed culture, inspiring nightlife, modern public transportation and historical sights!