The Family Education Promotion Law of China

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A pair of parents reading a children's storybook with their two sons and daughters - stock photo


People in Asia are known for their morals and values by showing respect, discipline, and good manners. The Family Education Promotion Law was introduced on the 1st of January 2022. The purpose of this law is to encourage parents or guardians to teach their children ethics and physical and mental education.

This law came to action as of the ideology that proper education of youngsters starts at home through their upbringing. This is to help parents learn and teach their children valuable life lessons with the support of schools, the government, and the public.

This law will overall help the young and new generation to adapt to a healthy lifestyle as it will ban burden on the children so they have a good routine for study, activities, and rest to recharge. Parents will have to teach their kids early so the children don’t get addicted to the internet and video games which will help them do better in education in the long run and prepare them for their future goals. As everyone in China must follow the law, it improves the standard of teaching and learning for everyone together which helps China take lead in the best education system in the world; just like Asia is known for its exceptional schools and education.

The law strictly bans parents from using physical and mental violence or any kind of discrimination against their gender or physical condition on the children as the right way to teach your kids is with love, compassion, and care and helping them to nurture into young adults.

The plan is to have everyone follow and obey this law in the next 2 years to boost high standards of parenting skills and educate youngsters from a developing early years age as parents are the first teachers so this will help children learn values, etiquette, socialise, be healthy mentally and physically and maintain a loving relationship with families.