The different ways you can support staff wellbeing in your school

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Stress in study


After a difficult 2 years, staff wellbeing is even more fundamental than ever in an educational institution. It is the number one priority for schools to maintain a positive, healthy environment for staff so they can provide the best education for students. The main points to consider to boost staff wellbeing is:

  • Give staff a voice in decision making

This will allow them to be heard in school decisions and decided great choices amongst the staff members for the best of students and the school. The teachers will feel more involved in the school and encourage the well-being of all staff with improved communication and positive working relationships. Teachers will feel comfortable amongst each other and will be able to focus on improving the environment for staff and join peer support programs to voice out their opinions and collaborate as a team for the best of everyone.

  • Avoiding unnecessary workload

This way will cut down a lot of needless work that isn’t required to become a successful educator. Staff will have more time focusing on important tasks and work that can be useful to help students succeed.

  • Professional development – ensuring wellbeing in training

This will help the staff to gain professional development which is beneficial in the long term for a teacher to expand their knowledge base in different areas of the subject and become an expert in what they do. The teacher will be able to provide a high caliber of teaching for the students which is great for the school outcome as students will develop in their education and receive excellent passing scores.

  • Supporting staff with valuable resources and tools 

 The use of modern technology in schools will not only speed up the teaching and studying process for students and teachers but enhance the efficiency of education. Teachers will be able to teach better with modern technology and plan engaging lessons for students.