The best qualities of successful teachers

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Preschool children in classroom with teacher


1.       Knowledge of your students

This is an important quality in teachers to know how their students learn at their own growth level and being aware of their differences and abilities. Each learner has its own time to develop; their own targets to meet. Understanding that is very essential in teaching to be able to help the learner achieve their goals better and including one to one sessions to progress each student in their mental, social and emotional behaviours.


2.       Kind, patient and caring

Children are vulnerable in comparison to mature individuals, it takes times and effort for them to learn and grow to their best potential. As a teacher, you must be delicate and motivate them to learn effectively and follow their dreams. At their development stage, they require the care and patience to show support and that helps them nurture with good manners and respect towards others.


3.       Building relationships with learners

Teachers should always build relationships with their students to create a positive, healthy and safe educational environment for them and that leads the children to trust their teachers; be more open with them. Learners feel comfortable and enjoy lessons more. This is an efficient ability in a teacher to make learning fun; interactive and forming an encouraging setting for all pupils.


4.       Commitment to teaching

Being enthusiastic; excited to teach their students every day. This increase their love for teaching; shows learners how passionate they are and how much effort they put into their lesson plans to help them boost their knowledge. Teachers should be always ready to help their students and guide them effectively.


5.       Keeping students engaged

Teachers should produce engaging content for learners to keep learners driven to education. This way students stay on track and perform to a higher standard which increases their knowledge and desire to succeed in and out of school. It benefits students to stay focused; interested to acquire further.