Teaching in Dubai – Pros & Cons

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Dubai is the second biggest city out of the 7 Emirates and has a population of 3.331 million. Dubai is known for its exciting nightlight, luxury shopping, modern buildings, and extraordinary sightseeing.

Teaching abroad has its ups and downs. But keep reading to know the pros and cons of teaching in Dubai.

The benefits of teaching in Dubai

Starting off with the positive aspects of teaching in Dubai.


1. Tax-Free Salary

Teaching in the United Arab Emirates means a high salary, ranging from £2100 to £4400 per month (in Dubai) depending on your experience and job role. You will never be disappointed by teaching in Dubai. The main benefit of teaching here will be a lot of savings as there’s no tax in the Middle East so you’ll be taking a big chunk of money home.

2. Other Perks

Another positive of teaching in Dubai is that most likely you are provided with exceptional accommodation that is already paid for you or you will be given accommodation allowance which equals to double savings as you don’t have to pay for rent! With that, you also, receive great benefits such as flights to and from Dubai for you, even the family at times, medical insurance, spending money depending on the school package plus much more!

3. Tax

Unlike the tax system in your country, it isn’t necessary for you to pay income tax in Dubai! There might be some exceptions such as if you are still a resident of another country, then you are required to pay tax to their country as per the law. Otherwise, it is not mandatory for you to pay any tax to Dubai itself – a great perk of teaching in Dubai!

4. Shopping Capital of the Middle East

Dubai is known for its luxury shopping, big malls and many go out there specifically for shopping. This is a great positive of the lively city as you be shopping forever especially with the TAX-FREE High Salary you’ll be receiving will be more than enough to spend in the biggest shopping capital of the Middle East.

5. Climate

Dubai is a location that provides its inhabitants and tourists with a full year of ‘Summer weather’, with the lowest temperatures being 15° in January. Depending on your weather preferences, this could be a pro AND con of teaching in Dubai.