Teach in Natural Nigeria!

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Teachers and most general people are not aware of the current economic system in the world. Both the UK and America are decreasing fast and the likes of the UAE and Africa are shooting up. Qatar was recently named the richest country in the world because of natural reserves like oil and gas. Nigeria is in the same situation but has recently made plans to increase the number of international people wanting to visit by adding more attractive sites.


The Nigerian government have planned to clone the Jumeirah beach of the UAE into their own land. Locals have stated that places like the capital city Lagos, is growing in front of their eyes. The number of flights in and out of the country has doubled in the last 3 years which shows that the country is looking to increase the population. Never before did Nigeria have amusement parks and theaters but these have recently been brought in.


As well as being a fast growing country, it has always been a country where it has all year round summer and an amazing catholic culture. The residents in Nigeria are very friendly and will help in any case they are needed. Not only is the country sunny all year round, the country also has tax free salaries. This is an asset that sells its self.


Come on teachers! We have had a few people asking us about the safety of Nigeria. Where were you when the London riots were going on? Were you worried about your safety then? What about all of the hurricanes in the US? These are all potential deaths that you are not too worried about. Every country has its problems and all countries have ways to prevent situations occurring.


Another important factor is 6 of the top 10 fastest growing economic systems in the world right now are from the continent of Africa. This includes Nigeria being the top and Qatar just below. Nigeria has gown a total of 20% in the last 10 years, shows that Nigeria has big plans.


Here is a list of must see places in Nigeria:


Azumini Blue River Rose– Located in Abia, the river has become a hotspot for tourists to visit because of the beautiful sights.


The Long JuJu Shrine of Arochukwu – Based in Arochukwu, it is famous because it is one of the most attractive caves in the world.


Ibeno Beach – Considered one of the most popular beaches in Nigeria.


Ogbunike Cave – Considered a wonder of nature: this can be found in Anambra State.


Rojenny Tourist Village – This is considered one of the top leading tourist resorts in Nigeria.


lgbo-Ukwu – This was first recognized in 1938 and was excavated by Thurstan Shaw, an English archaeologist.


Yankari National Park – This is the most developed wildlife park in the whole of Nigeria.


The Hills of Benue – This is located in Benue State which borders Taraba State.


To find out more on how Nigeria is growing as a country feel free to view this amazing link.



So for you next teaching opportunity, take advantage and discover more about teaching in Nigeria. Take the chance before everybody else takes them.