Sonar Stockholm

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Only last weekend the pioneer electronic music festival, possibly even the world’s premiere electronic music event, Sonar Stockholm in Barcelona, came to a close. This year we saw amazing artists including Daphni, Clark, Floating Points, Abdulla Rashim, Sisy Eye and Nadja Chatti on the Friday, and Jon Hopkins, Aeroplane, TM404, Naomi Pilgrim, Downliners Sekt and Iberia on the Saturday. Each one produces a range of unique sounds that trigger visual imagery with each synthetic pulse, as well as a lively beat and smooth tunes throughout the DJ events and concerts of the weekend.


Created in 1994, Sonar Stockholm is widely considered to be one of the world’s largest music festival and pioneers in the audial artistic world. Through a mix of non-discriminatory all-access to every culture as well as heavy experimentation in new sounds and structures, the festival delivers some of the most interesting new artists from around the world in the field of electronic music production. The event’s activities are divided into two locations with the first in Sonar by Day in Fira Montjuic, and the second in Sonar by Night in Fira Gran Via de L’Hospitalet. It’s at these venues that the leading artists in the international music scene are able to perform to their heart’s content.


The event is open to the public throughout the weekend but also sees a variety of industry professionals displaying and recruiting both inside and outside of the venue. If you’re an aspiring musical genius then maybe, just maybe, you might pick up a professional position if you keep your eyes open! Additionally the event sees brand-new state-of-the-art technology being debuted each day to help drive progress forward in both creative and practical aspects, since 2013 this has been ramped up even more with Sonar+D which is designed to help display and demonstrate these new technologies as well as new business options for young entrepreneurs looking to make it big in the music scene.


Additionally, through its influence, Sonar has set up over fifty different events around the world in places such as Reykjavik, New York, Frankfurt, Lisboa, Hamburg, Montreal, Boston, Oakland, Tokyo, Osaka, Los Angeles, Denver, Chicago, Toronto, Lyon, Seoul, London and even Buenos Aires. Through a range of festivals and events in nearly every continent in the world and most of the major cities, Sonar’s goal of uniting music enthusiasts and professionals whilst maintaining a strong public presence has endured tremendously and seen rise to the fruition of new talents and groups.


It’s this creative drive and strong passion in the musical arts that has driven Sonar to great success, but this could not have been so without many of their artists, producers, managers and community members going through a strong education in their respective regions. Additionally, the event is based in an industry where the well-educated with a willful passion will thrive and enjoy producing and this must begin at a childhood level. If you’re interested in teaching bright music students who have a passion for technology and would like to teach around the world, then why not check out our music teaching jobs?


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