Saudi Pumps It Up

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Saudi is on the move as it has announced to open 67 colleges in 4 years.  These colleges will be from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC).  In a drive to raise standards these 67 colleges will accommodate 150,000 applications for 38 boys colleges and a 29 girls colleges.


The government is investing  5.27 billion Saudi Riyals into the TVTC  projection.  This will have a direct impact on the recruitment of staff of the new colleges.


In addition to increasing recruitment into the area, TVTC will also require further support and assistance in training and development and will look to partner with outside organisations to assist in the field of practical training with high efficiency that will help develop Saudi nationals to meet the need of the labour market.


Ali Al-Gafis said that “TVTC will be launching new development projects in March as part of its “Capacity Building” program. It aims to improve the performance of all technical colleges by encouraging innovation in technical and vocational training expertise”


In addition he said that “It will also work to enhance skills training for employees at these colleges that would reflect positively on the training process and meet the needs of the Saudi labour market for a trained national work force.”



Saudi offers some excellent teaching and training opportunities as this oil rich Gulf State is looking to compete with neighbouring GCC countries to raise t he standards at lower level. Get your next teaching job in Saudi Arabia by contacting Zayd Alansari who is the Senior International Consultant for the region.

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[Source: Zawya - SAUDI TVTC to open 67 colleges in 4 years]