Reasons kids development is slow in today’s world

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Children’s are disconnected at schools in learning and mentally unavailable for education.  Children are more unhappy, bored and intolerant with fewer friends. There are several influences in our current routine that impacts to this.

1.      Technology

Kids are more stimulated by visual graphics that leads them to games and videos which are too distracting in the development stage of the child; they are more driven to technologies that make it harder to focus on learning and connecting with others as they are growing. They are hooked to their iPads, iPhones as it’s easily accessible which affects their learning stage and making it harder to process information as they are so used to the exposion of graphic content which is damaging for young kids.


2.      Kids get everything they want

It’s very simple for them to get what they want immediately which is a problem for kids being spoilt without disciplined. They are too impatient and don’t take rejections very well. Parents satisfy their children now with temporary possessions, but it will only make them unhappy for a longer period. They’re becoming greedy and don’t appreciate what they already have in their life, it’s easier for them to control the parents to fulfil their needs.


3.      Limited social Interaction

Being around technology all the time means they have no time to interact with family or friends. Parents are busy to carry out outdoor activities, so they provide them with gadgets instead which slows their social ability. They’re too addicted to their devices which leads them to communicate less and staying indoors more. Kids used to play in the park, interact with their friends and now it’s total opposite with children being stuck to their iPads all day or their Xbox playing games or watching YouTube videos.


4.      Endless Enjoyment

There’s a fake world of happiness available for children; there are no real-life moments of sadness. We’re too worried to create a perfect atmosphere for kids all the time that we forget it’s necessary to go through hard times with them and learn the valuable stages in life correctly to understand the world’s structure. Nothing is flawless in this life, kids need to see through that and grow accordingly to real parts of life. This way they’ll be able to survive in this world! You have to fall on your knees in order to get back up and face the reality.