Qatar Funds for Development funds 20 million USD for UN’s Education

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Qatar Funds for Development (QFFD) approved 20 million USD to support the UN’s global fund for education, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), in collaboration with Education Above All Foundation (EAA). The goal is to help fund the prolonged crises in different countries to help more than 200 million children around the world to gain access to education.

They believe in quality education for all our youngsters, especially those who are vulnerable and are unable to have the basic right to education. The promise is to provide education worldwide, especially to those who don’t have the need for education.

All children have the equal right to a full education which will help them nurture, grow into outstanding leaders, and keep the cycle going for the next generation. Our future matters and Qatar is helping tackle this in nations with poverty and ostracism to ensure all kids get equal opportunities for schooling.

This will help boost the quality of education in many countries around the world, especially where there’s no education available at all so they’ll be able to use the funds to build an excellent education system for those children to create better schools, and get basic school furniture and stationery.