Only 11 came to this school on the first day of term, out of 5,100 enrolled students

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The Model School in Abu Dhabi welcomed back only 11 pupils at the campus for the first day of term as the majority of the families with children enrolled opted for distance learning from home.

Even though small numbers of students are attending, the Indian curriculum school has ensured all required safety measures are met with the use of face masks and included the installation of thermal scanners at entrances as well as checking temperatures and physical distancing in classrooms is a must.

The principal mentioned, many operational costs are involved for them to operate the school, but they will continue to offer to learn at campus ensuring all the guidelines by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge.

THey’ve also made sure that the return to school will be safe for children, so parents should rest assured if they want to send children along. Otherwise, they are also continuing distance learning remotely for enrolled pupils.