Nigeria gets a Sudden Boost

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It’s no doubt that Nigeria is rapidly rising to become a global superpower due to its discovery of oil and stabilization of government and education facilities. But now more than ever, Nigeria’s progress has skyrocketed especially fast thanks to a couple of new developments in the country.


First and foremost, the country has obtained a pledge from the Global Partnership for Education of $28.5 Billion. The pledge has been funded through the efforts of multiple donor countries including the UK, Norway, Denmark and Sweden whom have been moved by the plight of over 60 developing countries who have attempted to increase their education budgets by $26 Billion. Additional funding has also been obtained through the European Union and further loans of upwards of $400 Million have been offered by the Islamic Development Bank.


Secondly, Airtel Nigeria has partnered with Computer Warehouse Group and has managed to deploy the very first Research and Education Network in Nigeria named the Nigerian Research and Education Network (NgREN). NgRen allows professionals, institutions and companies to interlink in order to drive productivity, resourcefulness and innovation in Nigeria’s educational institutes and research foundations and has seen support from large groups such as the World Bank.


These moves have been praised as revolutionary and are stated to drive a strong infrastructural backbone in the country, helping to school tens of millions of children and driving the quality and availability of education country-wide. With the prospects of dramatically increased funding (of over 25% between 2015 and 2018 already) and a majorly interlinked education and research network across both regional and national borders thanks to NgRen, Nigeria is sure to rise quicker than ever.


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