Misconceptions and the demand of teaching in Asia

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As a recruiter for the Asian market I often come across many people that do not want or consider going to teach in China, and only when they have no choice, they accept the reality of moving to this great big country. After this they send feedback to me and have a completely different experience from what they expected.


One of my best friends from university was sent to China for a year by her family in order to learn the Chinese language. She then rang me once she had arrived and was crying telling me that she hated her dad for sending her to “hell” and planned to buy a ticket to return home as soon as possible. I tried to calm her down and mentioned some positive things to cheer her up. She called me a week later and told me she had met some friends and they had rented another larger, more spacious flat in the city center and she felt a lot better.


Since then, I have not heard from her for months. I began to get worried and gave her a call one day during my break; she told me she was very busy with her new friends, social life and also started to learn Chinese. Time flies, a year has gone by since then. During the year, she sent a lot of lovely and happy photos to me and on Facebook. She has been traveled around China and Asia, met a lot of new friends. At the end of her contract she decided to renew and has decided to stay and live in China. She met her husband in China and they are now happily married, living in China with a decent job and enjoying a fabulous life. Oh I forgot to mention, she can speak fluent Chinese now.


Many moons ago, China was one of the countries branded for inequality of income and poor quality of life with a huge population, most of the people share a small room with up to 3 generations living together at one time. In 1980s, the economy reformed and there was an improvement of the living standard in China. Although it was growing slowly, almost all the citizens had sufficient amounts of food to eat, clothes to wear and housing to live in. Since the year of 2000, China has a gone through a dramatic change. This country is booming with increase in salary rate, housing rate, with more foreign companies investing heavily in China.  This has increased the standard of living for people of the land dramatically. It has made the country become one of the largest economies in the world.


Global warming is affecting our entire planet and although China is a big player it is working harder than many countries to reduce the carbon footprint issue. China has already started to launch a program to minimize and reduce the carbon footprint of residential buildings in most of the big cities. Some cities even mandated to have solar-water heaters installed in all newly developed buildings.


Housing development has grown quickly in China since the last decade. A lot of new, modern and high-tech Skyscrapers for both commercial and residential establishments have been built. Obviously, the price of renting/buying a property varies depending on the differing cities and provinces. A new and modern single bedroom flat rental rate is from 2,000 RMB – 10,000 RMB a month. As the saying goes in the property game: location, location, location!


When people think of China, many people foresee Chinese people eating all kinds of animals such as dogs, cats, snakes, bugs etc. This is completely untrue, although it is a delicacy, not all people prefer to sample these types of food and there is more than just these dishes to Chinese Cuisine. More information about China can be found here.


SeekTeachers has now expanded to recruit for the Asian market and I can clearly say there is a need and demand for qualified and experienced teachers to work in the region. We always seem to have demands of Early Childhood teachers, although Secondary Maths, Science and English positions are also hot on the agenda. We have placed many teachers with more set to go and they have reported having a great time, with some interesting photos posted on Facebook.  They are still there teaching in international schools and love the environment and buzz the school and life outside the schools have to offer. Ah, I forgot to mention, their holidays are all booked up in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia and Australia, they really have a “busy” and “hard” life!


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