Malaysia is on the move!

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It seems the East Asia is on the move in education and Malaysia is looking to emulate the Shanghai programme of study. Shanghai is a market leader in students results and has produced excellent results in the Programme for International Student Assessment (Pisa).


Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin is looking to have a team of Malaysia education experts to study the skills of the education system. Malaysia is inviting experts of Shanghai experts to Malaysia to help improve its education system.


Muhyiddin said Shanghai has the model education system to earn how to raise standard of students performance and therefore improve in the Pisa results. The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development carries out the Pisa which is a worldwide student on 15 years old students’ performance in mathematics, science and reason. The Pisa test was first performed in 2000 and is repeated every 3 years with the aim of seeing the rise of education policies and standards around the world.


Briefing on the Shanghai education system and Pisa performance at Shanghai Normal University earlier this month, Muhyiddin said “We implemented some ideas and spent more money on education but the outcomes are not as good as theirs”.


The Deputy Prime Minister is looking to also introduce training programmes for teacher to help raise performance of teaching and learning as well as assist underperforming schools. The need for high quality teachers will be vital in order for Malaysia to emulate its East Asian counter parts.


The Director of Pisa Chinese Team Zhang Mizuan said that the key to Shanghai’s success is an amalgamation of four traditional and eight modern approaches in education, which include:

  • High expectations
  • Hard work
  • Respecting teachers
  • Having open and public examinations.

This is coupled with cutting edge knowledge from the overseas as well as introducing a long term education plan.


Zhang who is also dean of China MoE Research Institute for International and Comparative Education said that “We also encourage underperforming schools to improve and reach the Shanghai standard with the help of excellent teachers and other parties, such as non-governmental organisations”


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[Source: New Straits Times - Malaysia to emulate Shanghai’s education formula]