Job Extension for Over 60′s Under Consideration

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The Ministry of Education (MoE) in Dubai is now considering extending employment services for expatriate teaching, administrative and technical staff as well as inspectors working in government schools.


Those over 60 that are employed could possibly received an extension based on the opinion of the school principal, specialized inspector and the director of the educational zone.


This recent update could allow for greater expertise in the area with the aim to raise standards in education by having a more consistent stream of well qualified and experienced educators in the region. Other factors which would also be reviewed in any application for extension is likely to include the technical appraisal reports for the last three years in service and information on whether the applicant’s employment service had been extended earlier.


While there has been some improvements in the standards of education in the area, there is some way to go before schools are competing with school in the USA, Australia and the UK.  The UAE is constantly thriving to meet and better expectations of the quality of education it offers in both national and international schools. The main subject area where an extension is not likely to be given is for PE teachers where a general preferences is given to younger professionals.


The laws and regulations in the regions are constantly changing, and with many experienced education professionals already in the region, this news is encouraging for those who are either coming to 60 and already part of reform projects within the United Arab Emirates.


If we get any updates on this, the SeekTeachers Team will keep you posted!