Japanese Languages lessons in UAE Schools

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Three public schools in the UAE have welcomed the Japanese language courses ever since it was launched 2 years ago as a trial. This curriculum is created in collaboration with the Japan International Cooperation Centre.

Japanese is a very popular language, ranking 5th after Spanish, French, German, and English on the internet. The students enjoy learning Japanese as it helps them connect with the culture through the language; it also promotes diversity in the school but including Modern Foreign Languages in the school.

It’s amazing to see how eager the youngsters are to learn a new language by the Japanese teachers who were recruited from Japan, so they know they are learning from the best. Many parents felt happy to see their children speaking in Japanese as Japan is known for its technology and gadgets being the top in the animation and robotics industry in the world, so they hope for their children to get scholarships in Japan and study there in the future to achieve higher education.

They have also, introduced many other languages such as the Chinese language that was taught in several UAE public schools to Emirati students.