Human Rights in China: Know your rights before you judge!

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Human Rights in China


We often talk about Human Rights in the western world which often causes room for discussion.  However, when we talk about Human Rights in China, this is a very sensitive subject to discuss.


Here are some interesting questions for you:

  • Do you think China has NO Human Rights and NO freedom of speech, press and religion?
  • Is that true all Chinese citizens must do what they have been told by the government, and do they really harass and abuse people?
  • Why does the Chinese government not allow polls to be taken?
  • Is that true that Chinese education system is not as good as the western world’s?


I am sure recently everyone is following the recent news “Prank call to the hospital treating the Duchess of Cambridge by Australian DJs”. The whole world pointed at the DJs saying “Oh, they are invading the Royal Family privacy, this is not acceptable, this is so wrong, etc”.  Only two days later, the nurse who took the hoax call at the hospital was found to have committed suicide. People have already started to suggest that prank calling should NOT be allowed anymore. Ok, wait a minute: I think people have to really start thinking about what is being said here. What happened to the term “Freedom of Speech”? In this case, the DJs were exercising their rights of speech: however the outcome has turned out not what they were expecting. Therefore, is “Freedom of Speech” a good thing or bad thing?  Maybe the western world should think about the term more carefully. Are all western countries really that liberal?


It has been in the press many times that, the Chinese citizens must listen and do what they have been told by the government? Now, this is a tricky one! Ok, let me ask you: have you listened or have always done what your parent have asked you to do? It is clearly evident that the crime rate and teenage pregnancies are on the rise in the UK and so subsequently it’s more and more unlikely in this era that children actually don’t listen to their parents. Humans are not robots, and they have a choice to make their own thoughts and decisions.


In addition, no-one likes to be forced to do anything. This can be compared to the analogy of stretching an elastic band. If you pull too hard, you will either break it or it will fly out of your hand. Therefore when you take the example above, it is with no substance that when people criticize the Chinese government for “brainwashing” the citizens of the country, it is not true. If China followed the same approach the western world does, do you honestly think the country would work in an organised and structured manner? Chinese people have their own thoughts and like EVERY country they have their own rules for people of their land. No country should judge them for this.


In China, the President and Prime Minister are selected by few people in the Communist Party behind closed doors. People may think, “Oh, Western countries are the best, they have rights to vote. China is all decided behind closed doors and not a democratic country.”  In the world we live in, unfortunately, we cannot hide the fact that corruption is in nearly every country and so how can you guarantee that the democracy and the voting are legit?  The outcome could also not be the total truth, with news of ballets being rigged.


Also, in a series of surveys done by America, they have found that actually, more than two thirds of people in China are very satisfied with the central government. Yes, the Chinese model is very different than the western one, however, the Chinese economy is on the increase and the western world seems to be declining with an increase of unemployment in the UK and the US. Based on how the economies are changing, maybe the western world should review its own model before judging another country.


The UK and the US were branded as the best and top educational systems in the world.  Nevertheless, the results from recent research have shown that the Chinese education system is far better and has already overtaken a lot of western countries. Some people may complain it’s not fair because they think the system should lower the standard and make it easier for students from a poorer background. However, if you we make the standard exam easier, it will actually make their future life tougher to compete with others.


You will notice that more and more schools are opening in China and there seems to be an increased trend in the number of jobs coming from the east. The team at SeekTeachers have been extra busy with more and more application from America and the United Kingdom with teachers wanting to leave because of the economic rises. Times are changing and you should take note as the East continues its upwards journey of economic success.


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