Girls find equality in Zambia

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In a massive step for the country, mining company First Quantum Minerals have started a programme in Zambia aimed at finding equality for girls. The country is known for the negative light that young women, especially girls, are shown in. The programme features activities for young minds to help educate them on positive abilities of women, especially those in avoiding early marriage, sex at a young age, gender-based violence, HIV infections, pregnancy and how to manage child health properly.


The health projects and programmes advisor for the company, Gertrude Musunka spoke at the annual Girls Leading Our World (GLOW) camp in Solwezi, “When girls are empowered, they can lift not only themselves, but their communities, out of poverty.”



The mining company has also endeavoured to contribute to the activities that will help girls in the country attain the minimum qualifications needed for girls to move up into the skilled job market. “We are committed to seeing girls in this area become better and healthier citizens that can contribute effectively to themselves, their families and local community.”


Musunka also noted that there was evidence that shows that empowered women invest far more info their families than men do. During the camp the girls were introduced to various possibilities that would be available to them once they had attained a good education. This included work on FQM’s Kansanshi Mine and Kalumbila Minerals which could assure them of employment. “We are further encouraged by the prevailing impeccable political and traditional leadership on issues of a girl child.”


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