Why you need to keep an eye out on Africa!

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Africa, a land so vast, so urban, so untouched, with beautiful nature, wildlife and poverty in many parts with no scope for development. Well that’s the media likes to keep portraying!


It’s time to wake up teachers, Africa is on the move!


The SeekTeachers team recently attended a conference with the “Friends of Africa 2012″ in London and news coming from “Friends of Africa” is that Africa is rising. Various countries in Africa including Nigeria, Mozambique, Zambia, Ghana, Kenya and many more have natural reserves of oil, gas and rare minerals. There was a time where many countries in Africa were totally dependent on the west for providing aid. However, the people of Africa are proud to say this is no longer the case.


Times are fast changing, with an increase in poverty in many countries in the west including the United Kingdom and the United States of America, where unemployment is on a high and taxes are crushing family dreams. This is evident from the number of applications SeekTeachers is receiving month upon month. We have experienced a huge number of applications in the last 6 months of people wanting to look outside of their normal means as they are simply unable to find work in their country of origin, namely the United Kingdom and the United States.


At the Friends of Africa 2012 event, there were various Ministers and key speakers at this event highlighting the changing times. To name a few:

  1. Dr Alh Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko (Sarkin Yamman Sokoto), Executive Governor of Sokoto State
  2. Clive Carpenter, FCIB, C.Dir. Vice Chairman & Nigeria Desk Officer. Business Council for Africa (BCA)
  3. HE Carlos dos Santos, High Commissioner for the Republic of Mozambique to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  4. Ms Isabel Charles Mann Pedroso: House Representative of Sao Tome
  5. Mark T Jones – Executive Director – Horn of Africa Business Association (HABA)
  6. Mr Mufwa Munthali – Counsellor Trade and Investments, Malawi High Commission


We all know the media does not always tell the truth and often fabricates events and stories to manipulate the minds of the many. Well, you may be asking, how does this affect me? That’s simple to answer: with many countries in Africa rapidly rising, so is the demand for high quality education. Many of these countries that have discovered large reserves of natural products and they want to also give back to their community. Naturally, education and the health sector will be affected first. The people of Africa also deserve high quality education.


There was a time Africans would come to countries such as the UK or USA to attend higher education, but this is also changing. Many countries are bringing TOP class universities to their own country to provide high class education. This is very evident in the Middle East and Asia. Africa has started to follow suite. Africa no longer needs aid, it needs trade! The International Monetary Fund (IMF) predicts that between now and 2015, Africa will be home to seven of the world’s 10 fastest-growing economies. Countries expected to grow are as follows: Ethiopia, Mozambique, Tanzania, West Congo, Ghana, Zambia and Nigeria.


From the event, Mark T Jones said in his speech last night that we in the west are stuck in a misconception, in a “Band Aid timewarp”. Problems exist of course they do, but they tend to overshadow the whole of Africa to the detriment of REAL SUSTAINABLE development of Africa. There is, as Mark put it, a “Knowledge Deficit” in the west. And we are missing out. Big time.


Children in Africa deserve the right to quality education and with the Chinese being the richest and biggest investors, India and the Middle East is fast following to turn various countries in Africa as a driving force to also compete in the world. SeekTeachers has already been contacted by a number of organisations setting up in Africa which are looking to provide state of the art education facilities in Africa. They are looking to recruit, western trained educators to come and be part of this exciting development. New schools are being developed, classrooms are being kitted out, curricula are being revamped to not only follow a more western program but to also to fuse it to meet the needs of locals.


SeekTeachers is proud to say that they will also be looking to recruit for qualified and experienced Teachers and Teacher Trainers that will be required to work in various countries in Africa where these reform projects are taking place. The people and teachers of Africa can, if shown the right strategies, be as as effective as teachers as those from the west. The Middle East and Asia have always had jobs to provide but would it not be nice to have more choice? Would it not be nice to be able to make a difference to the lives of children that simply want an opportunity like children from the west? Wouldn’t it be nice to teach children that actually want to learn and develop their future?  You won’t have to be doing any crowd control as you would be doing in the west or in schools where there are simply too many “rich kids” spoiled by their parents’ wealth, whom have no regard or motivation for being educated?


The SeekTeachers team will be looking for more education professionals that actually want to make a difference to the lives of African students.  You should keep an eye out on our teaching jobs as you will begin to see more posting for countries in Africa. Register FREE now and join us in “educating the world!


Have a look at the video below, which should be a real eye opener…