Eit al-Fitr

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As Ramadan, the month of fasting and ritual cleansing by Muslims, ends worldwide on the 27th of July, Eid, the end of the fast, is widely celebrated. Eid al-Fitr is translated loosely as the Festival of Breaking of the Fast and consists of several prayers spoken, which differ based on sect, and then multiple feasts.


The most common Arabic greetings during this time are ‘Eid Mubarak’ (Phonetic: Eeed Moo-bah-rack) which means ‘Blessed Eid’ and ‘Eid Sa’id’ (Phonetic: Eeed Sigh-eeed) which means ‘Happy Eid’. These are used mainly in Arabic countries but are often used between individuals celebrating Ramadan in other places in the world, additionally; other countries may have their own greeting which will often differ greatly from the traditional greeting.



Prayers are spoken before sunrise and practicing Muslims will often opt to shower and brush their teeth as well as wearing new clothes and perfume before the prayers to set a symbol of the new and the rejection of the old. Additionally, Muslims are encouraged to forgive and forget in order to foster new friendships and repair old relationships on this day; another call to embrace the new and to throw away the old. Furthermore, to symbolize that Ramadan has ended, it is forbidden to fast on this day.


Often, small gifts or amounts of money called Eidi are given to children or junior members of the family and large feasts take place which often see families inviting over other families and individuals from around the neighbourhood. Spirits are high during this time and the overall social atmosphere is known to be incredibly enjoyable. Individual countries often have unique traditions to celebrate the event including Malaysia which lights oil lamps known as Pelita on the streets and in homes, and India which sees girls and women apply henna called Mehndi.


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