Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

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With its origins based in 1993 in the Empire Polo Club, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival began with a performance by rock band Pearl Jam, and although the band’s management used the site to boycott Ticketmaster, the success of the concert demonstrated just how well a larger-scale event would succeed. In 1999, the first Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival took place and over ten-thousand people attended the event which lasted for two days and saw artists such as Beck, Morrissey, Modest Mouse, Rage Against the Machine, Jega and many more.

Two years later in 2001 the event reconvened, after being on a temporary hiatus due to financial difficulties, the event this year saw Jane’s Addiction, Weezer, Fatboy Slim, Chemical Brothers, Dieselboy and many other artists rise to fame, many of them through this event themselves. Since then the event continued to take place every year and has seen some of the biggest names in music such as Bjork, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beastie Boys, Radiohead, Coldplay, The Prodigy, Madonna, Gnarls Barkley, Sonic Youth, Rufus Wainright, Adele, Enter Shikari, Paul MicCartney, The Killers, Jay-Z, Gorillaz, Kanye West, Kings of Leon, La Roux, 2 Chainz, Ellie Goulding, Queens of the Stone Age and many more.

During these concerts, it’s become increasingly commonplace for deceased and virtual musicians to be projected on-stage, this includes the virtual techno-rap band Gorillaz and the deceased master lyricist Tupac Shakur. Notable achievements of the festival include the festival’s first sellout in 2004, and drawing in over seventy-five-thousand people in 2010 with numbers estimated to be around this for the subsequent festivals following. The festival is also reputed as one of the fastest selling events in the world, with the 2014 festival tickets selling out in less than three hours after going on sale.

The event offers on-site camping and a range of facilities in order to help accommodate attendees such as on-site toilers, hand washing stations, showers, an internet cafe, a farmer’s market and many food/drink vendors with supermarket supplies, as well as free wifi for users of the internet cafe and a phone charging cube in each parking lot. The 2014 event expects to see music artists AFI, Bastille, Beck, Ellie Goulding, Fatboy Slim, Kid Cudi, Lorde, Muse, Pet Shop Boys, Pharrell Williams, Queens of the Stone Age, Skrillex, Zedd and will be held in its usual location in Indio, California.

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