China rises to blow International Education out of the water

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China’s often been considered to be under the thumb of a vicious dictator, its peoples’ freedom restricted and their rights denied under the reign of a tyrannical government bent on working its citizens to death and bleeding their economy dry. Wages are low and workload is high and the nationals seem to have less and less rights every day, leaving the country to work overseas more and more frequently. Oh wait; doesn’t this sound much more like the west to you?


Believe it or not, China’s actually got one of the highest grossing economies in the world and sees its citizens get richer every year as the west grows increasingly poorer. Austerity in the country is being gradually balanced out too it seems and the government is not only growing increasingly more lenient with social media controls and internet access but is also drawing in the best of western values and business practices, which is a wise choice as this has boosted their economy further.


So it’s pretty clear that China has an incredible decade ahead of it as it rises to become even more prominent on the world stage as both an industry leader and a role model for social structures everywhere. Additionally, the Chinese government is rapidly expanding their education sector via the construction of several hundred new schools all across the country and this in turn means that the country is hugely in need of TEFL teachers to teach English to their students, which it’s currently in a deficit of.

  • China’s a lot better than you may think!
  • The west is actually in a pretty bad state and is getting worse.
  • Chinese government expanding education services and institutions.

These schools are in dire need of these teachers and can expect amazing salary packages as a starter, and although these packages may not look so impressive at first glance, if you consider that living costs in China are incredibly low, for instance, a one-bedroom apartment outside of the city will only set you back about $350 (about £210) a month, you’ll soon realize just how incredible the pay actually is. On top of this, the income taxes and other duties are practically non-existent in comparison to the west, sweetening the deal.


These teachers will be asked to work 20 hours a week, which is already low when compared to the west, but this is only on paper. In practice you’ll only really see yourself working somewhere around fifteen hours a week and we’ve had reports of teachers getting contracts where they only have to work ten hours a week, at a normal teaching salary!


Teaching is considered a very respectable profession in China and teachers are revered by students and parents alike as role models and professionals. Parents will be at your beck and call in hopes of seeing their children perform better in school in aims of a better career and students are just as respectful, if not more so, and both incredibly enthusiastic to learn and dedicated in their studies. What’s more is that you can make a difference in these people’s lives and push students up to new heights!

  • TEFL teachers especially will see great salaries and a low living cost.
  • Asked to work 20 hours a week, only about 15 hours actually worked.
  • Teachers are highly respected and revered in China by students and parents alike.


The country’s population is also generally incredibly friendly and you’ll see, especially in rural areas, that people will make a point to greet you properly upon every meeting and it’s not unheard of for people to stop their cars in the street in order to greet a white face. What’s more is that many businesses are known to hire Caucasians to attend their business meetings, not for input, but just to have a western presence in the room, to inspire and promote an air of success among their colleagues and partner companies. Feel like a celebrity now? You soon can be one!


The country in itself is incredibly westernized and the major cities feature a variety of top western brands and merchandise, these companies have a firm grip in the Chinese economy and as a result, the national population is accepting and welcoming to all western foreigners within the region. This high-westernization has also seen business increase and western practices implemented widely, so you’ll always feel at home in any of these urban landscapes.


All of this and you haven’t even seen just how deep the culture of the country is, have you? Talk about over four thousand years of history, over twenty dynasties and over five hundred and fifty emperors. And it doesn’t just stop at conquest and royalty, the country has some of the most varied and diverse cuisine in the world, seeing influences from the various prefectures splitting the country as well as from a variety of neighbouring countries. On top of that, the clothing in the country is beautifully styled and fitted to shape to the body effectively, giving an elegant atmosphere off whilst also being dynamic and unique, with gorgeously exquisite designs and elements being added (and subtracted) from the mix.

  • Incredibly friendly and hospitable peoples in China.
  • Major cities are highly westernized, so you will feel at home.
  • Deep culture and history with many beautiful sights and enchanting experiences.

Teachers will require a native-level of English, two years of prior experience in teaching, a degree in line with what you are teaching and a TEFL certificate. So what’re you waiting for? Join up today and send us your CV! SeekTeachers has a range of jobs already in the region and we’ll soon see a huge influx of jobs! So sign up quick as positions are going fast! TEFL Training is also easily obtainable through SeekTeachers’ partner group, The International TEFL Academy, so why not sign up today for your FREE brochure?