Better-quality tertiary education in the Emirates

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Diverse children studying outdoor


UAE launches advanced tactics to maximise cohesive learning methods. Increasing diversity, a safe atmosphere and plenty of opportunities for all students to expand the education system and create a stimulating learning environment. This will boost the ranking in universities and increase the academic results to make UAE one of the best in education.

Educators are globally accredited to provide high calibre education for students with encouraging students to become innovative scholars and flexible through advanced degree schemes to prepare them for today’s fast-paced world.

Students are motivated to participate in extra-curricular activities outside of their chosen subjects to help them improve in different subjects like sports, languages to be more bilingual or public speaking to take parts in high training and become an all-rounder in the modern working world.

The UAE continues to interest international universities to establish in the country to attract international students and locals for outstanding education worldwide.  The Ministry of Education is the largest reform in education and Dubai itself embraces the label of world’s highest absorption of division campuses built by global universities to provide the best international platforms and prove its commitment for reputable education.

In addition, the Ministry of Education publicised the latest tactic to increase the standards of education to include a wide-ranging combined programme that would concentrate on four main columns – revolution, excellence, significance and productivity. This plan will be presented in stages, to develop students’ ability levels, and target the desires of the market.