How to be ready for the Interview

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Time and time again we tell our candidates to be ready for the interview, prepare, suit up and give it the right sort of swagger if you want to grasp your dream job. But how do you do all of this and what exactly does the client require of you? Here’s our helpful guide, full of short, simple and sweet pointers designed to assist you in preparing yourself for interview day.


Step one, research! We can’t stress this enough, research the client as deeply as you can. Try to get a good grasp on everything you can about the institution and position you’re applying for so that you’re in the knowhow and aren’t caught high-and-dry when asked quick pop-quiz questions about the place and job you’d like to get to know so much better. Think about it: if you ran a school, wouldn’t you prefer to hire someone who had an interest in what you were all about too? This sort of knowledge screams self-motivation and initiative-taking at the employer! Additionally, do some practice questions to ready your mind for the interview better.


The next step is dress code, as much as your skills, personality and dedication matters. An appearance is the first thing the employer sees and understands about you. Therefore, you need to be making the best appearance possible to draw the employer’s eyes onto you! We aren’t asking for a multi-thousand pound dress-up session, but a well-fitted suit brings out the best of anyone. Also, general good hygiene is a must. As is so common when attending interviews: dress to impress.


The next step is all about body language, stepping away from the hocus-pocus for one second; body language has been proven to have a very strong psychological effect in any situation. The theory goes that over 90% of all communication is unspoken; if that’s the case then you’d better be making good use of that 90%+! So for quick reference, don’t cross your arms or legs, this is a negative signal which states ‘I am closed off’ and will put the employer off very quickly! The general rule of thumb is don’t cross any part of your body.


Next, your facial expression, a slight smile is definitely warming but excessiveness will give the employer chills which’ll give the uncanny valley a run for its money. Try to keep a positive facial expression, don’t overdo it though, and whatever you do and no matter how natural it may feel, try to refrain from frowning or holding a quote-unquote neutral expression as this will create a depressive or lifeless feeling when the employer looks at you. Keep that small warm smile and make it sincere!


Now, attitude! So do you tiptoe in there like you’re begging for work or do you rock up like you already have the job securely under your belt? If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that humbleness goes a long way but confidence is also very attractive. You need a good mix of both and that doesn’t mean switching out between the two. Try to treat the interview as if it’s not your only chance at work, because knowing that will calm your head and you’ll develop a sense of confidence about you, but try to keep a generally humble attitude as well and be prepared to accept what is offered to you as it is still very good of the client to give you a chance!

  • Research – Interest in the position and institution, go through some practice questions.
  • Dress Code – A well-fitted suit makes you stand tall and good hygiene is not a choice.
  • Body Language – Don’t cross any part of your body or you’ll be closing yourself off.
  • Facial Expression – Keep a positive air about yourself, smile!
  • Attitude – Humble yet confident is the best blend.


What’s next? Your CV of course! This is vitally important and will leave a lasting impression on the employer long after you’ve left the premises. A good CV grabs you, a great CV captivates them. That said, what’re the most important things your CV should cover?


Up-to-date Information is vital, this includes not just your latest jobs, qualifications and experience but also correct contact details. If there’s one thing that’ll kill your chances after leaving such a good impression on the employer, it’s an incorrect phone number or inactive email address.


A Complete Profile is just as vital, SeekTeachers offers a completely free online CV and profile service designed to get you your ideal job, but that isn’t possible if you’re withholding big bits of information about yourself. Filling in as many of those sections as possible will increase your chances of being employed dramatically! At the very least, it’ll put the employer at ease and will show that you have nothing to hide.


Formatting. Yes, we said it, formatting. It’s more important than you think. Not just ensuring your sentences are grammatically correct, have sharp spelling and have the right syntax, but also keeping the whole CV in no more than two fonts and colours, preferably only one of each. The most frustrating thing to an employer is trying to read your CV when it’s got too many fonts and too many colours for it to be even remotely legible. This is an employment opportunity, not a pantomime.


A professional Video Profile, SeekTeachers allows you to upload your own video profile which’ll make a huge impact on potential employers. We strongly suggest that you dress as you would for an interview when recording the Video Profile and record against a solid colour background, preferably white. This will help to show the clarity of your English as well as brush on your character, background, experience and qualifications.

  • Up-to-date Information.
  • A Complete Profile.
  • Formatting.
  • Video Profile.


With all of that said, there are many more ways to improve your chances of being employed just through keeping a positive mind-set and good attitude in the interview as well as keeping your CV straightforward and easy-to-read. Think about what would impress you too if you were hiring someone, sometimes a small change in your viewpoint can make the biggest difference. Also, don’t forget to check out our Jet Ready, Jet Set & Go Checklist as well as our very own completed CV for an idea of what your own should look like!