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If you’re in the GCC, you might be happy about the educative practices, but you’re certainly not happy about tuition fees in the region. According to Senior Director, Claudia Costin, of the World Bank Group, “Parents in the GCC should get more involved with the schooling of their children, including holding institutions accountable for delivering the right teaching.”   Costin has noted that more and more families in the GCC in particular are starting to realize that a good education doesn’t guarantee a job, and as such many of these high fees may not be worth the bang for the buck. The region spends around 5% of GDP on the education sector and around 20% of public spending is on education as well. But despite these high levels of commitment and trust, things are certainly starting to wave.   In the last few decades, the GCC states have spent large amounts on education and have achieved almost fully universal access to primary education (around 90% attendance) and significant changes to secondary education (between 40-80% attendance), with literacy rates at close to universal and gender parity being almost perfectly balanced.

  Aside from the GCC and the surrounding Middle East, many other developing countries are beginning to finally give education the recognition it deserves, with many experimenting with extremely innovative new tools, techniques and learning platforms. Tanzania, for example, is implementing its ‘Big Results Now in Education’ programme in aims to improve the quality of all stages of education, India is investing $29 billion into education and Brazil is developing a multitude of online learning platforms.   However, despite these huge steps forward, over 58 million children are still out of school. The World Bank Director summarizes his thoughts: “Our vision is that this should be the first generation in history in which every child, regardless of gender, country and family circumstance, enters school and learns basic skills and more.”   If you’re looking for a teaching position in the GCC, SeekTeachers offers a multitude of roles across multiple countries including the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman and more. Sign up today!   [Source: AMEinfo - World Bank outlines trends in GCC education sector]