5 tips for Newly Qualified Teachers!

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1.      Get help from kids!


There’re always few kids that are ready to help and carry out important responsibilities so why not set each task to them and save the important time to focus on creating a lesson plan for tomorrow or marking the student’s assignments. Handing out resources, collecting completed tasks, wall displays can be all done with the support of your students.


2.      Make conversations with other staff members


Get to know everyone and understand the culture of the school and how each individual work in their daily routine. This is great to adjust easily to the new environment; be able to relate to other teachers as of the same career and understanding their side of the story. This will give you a bigger picture of the school and allow you to prepare to get use the changes.


3.      Engage with your students


This is a great way to get to know everyone and start off easy with laid-back tasks, fun activities to know each other better; create a positive environment in the classroom to avoid awkward conversations or problems further on. Building the trust between a student and teacher is significant to be able to communicate and understand each other comfortably.


4.      Don’t put too much pressure on yourself


Spread out your duties! Only adhere to what is to be done, don’t put extra pressure by including useless tasks that are not important to focus on right now. Get the essentials tasks out of the way first, then plan for following days/weeks then you can involve the other extracurricular activities to balance out your routine effectively.


5.      It will get simpler


Make as many mistakes! It will get easier, the more mistakes you make the better you’ll know not to make them for the next year. You will learn accordingly; no teacher is perfect, and everything will slowly fall into place. Take it slowly and if you are ever unsure just ask your colleagues, just like any student that will ask when they are unsure.