How To Write An Effective CV

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You’ve seen a new job post of your dream career. You want to upload your CV. However, it was last updated 2 years ago. What are going to do?

Don’t worry, follow these 5 easy steps to maximise your chances of getting your dream job!

Step 1 – Only 30 seconds to make an impression

A recruiter is only going to view your CV for a ‘30 second eyeball time’; meaning you have a small amount of time to impress the recruiter to consider you for the position. This is where you ensure the CV has correct layout, important points stand out clearly, desired qualifications and eye-catching for the reader to go through it and be able to pass your application through immediately!

Step 2 – Make it easy for the recruiter

Remember, when recruiter is going through your CV you want to make their job faster by making sure your CV includes the necessary information that is required in the job advertisement. CV should be presented as the job description to make the application process smoother; this shows the reader how you’re the answer to their needs and fit perfectly for the job role.

For example, if you’re applying for teaching role in a school, you must consider these points:

  1. CV must include profile based on teacher
  2. Relevant degrees in education and teaching
  3. Professional development
  4. Relevant experience with duties
  5. Appropriate interests and hobbies
  6. Reference details

Step 3 – Key information should stand out

This is where Step 1 and Step 2 connect. You need to ensure that key information a recruiter is looking for is visible as possible to be able to match you with job description and consider your application. This is where the essential information such as skills, experience needs to be appealing to the reader to consider you. This could be done by:

  1. Including bullet points, listing relevant information
  2. Making text bold to make information stand out
  3. Separating each block of paragraph with relevant title

Step 4 – Research the company

It is important as a candidate to know the company like it’s your backhand. Your CV should reflect the company you are applying for and how well you fit for their needs. If you are applying for a designer role then create a CV that reflects your creativity and unique style. If the position is more conventional, such as business and management then keep your CV straight-forward, clearly laid out with the most appropriate information. Think like the employer! Judge your CV as the writer who wrote the job description!

Step 5 – Have a new CV for each job

Not all companies are same. Never apply for several jobs with same CV. Your CV must be unique according to the relevant positions you are applying for; you to make sure you fit for the teaching role. If you want to stand out from other candidates, then you should make sure you put in the effort to understand each positions requirement and took the suitable time completing your application. Remember, to adapt the language to fit the role and include interesting words relating to the job description and type of company you are applying to.

Now nothing is stopping you from getting your dream teaching job!

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