Cliqlite – e-Learning in Nigeria

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The first of its kind, the Cliqlite by Etisalat Nigeria aims to bring e-learning to children and is aimed for curious minds between the ages of eight and fifteen. The product includes parental controls that allow parents to easily and simply restrict access to unsuitable content for their children, meaning that they can enjoy peace of mind while their children learn in their own time.


Etisalat’s CEO, Matthew Willsher, has said, “Etisalat is driven by a sustained commitment to enriching customer experience. Innovation remains part of our DNA and we believe technology has the potential to revolutionise learning.” And indeed it does, with Samsung recently unveiling their line of solar-powered internet schools; it seems every company is looking to make a difference in Africa as it rises. At this rate, we could see Africa become a world superpower in a matter of a couple decades and with Nigeria’s discovery of oil, the government surely isn’t short on funds.



The Internet is playing an increasingly powerful role in the west and has seen a spread into lesser developed countries as of late. In addition, with over a third of all internet users in Africa being under the age of 18, it’s clear that it can be used extremely effectively for the purposes of educating a new generation, and the Cliqlite is just the interface to support this new type of learning. With Africa’s e-learning market hitting an overall growth rate of over 15%, it’s even more clear that the country’s electronic education capabilities are only due to expand.


To support the new Cliqlite, Etisalat also recently launched a duo of Experience Centres in the cities of Lagos and Abuja, complete with trained Etisalat staff able to demonstrate the Cliqlite’s and other Etisalat technology’s capabilities.


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