African Revival

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SeekTeachers is proud to announce that it is working with proactive charity African Revival, the charity focuses its efforts on community schools in Zambia and Uganda that have been set up by the locals to help teach their children where resources are scarce. The determination these communities have shown to teach their young students and help create for them a better life has inspired the charity to participate and help wherever they can.


The charity most frequently deals with infrastructure provision but also supports the teachers through training and helps to find new resources and learning materials to help the children of the schools develop further. Local government groups and councils are incredibly vigilant in supporting the charity and its causes and as such, the cooperation has helped these communities to begin to thrive with new-found knowledge and education.


Holly Smith, African Revival’s Fundraising and Communications Director, has this to say: “We’re delighted to be supported by SeekTeachers, and through their generosity we will be able to continue our work of creating thriving learning environments so that every child can fulfil their potential.”


SeekTeachers has already donated approximately £1000 to the charity in order to help provide education for forty African schoolchildren across Zambia and Uganda, many of which must travel long distances or may not have access to education otherwise. If you wish to donate, you can do so through the charity’s page, support jumpstart now!


View the Charity’s Official Page