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Known for having the lowest cost flights in the region whilst maintaining a perfect safety record, the Royal Brunei Flying Club has existed in Brunei Darussalam for over thirty years and has constantly maintained an interest and love of aviation and flight sciences during its existence. The club provides full flight training as well as recreational flights and aircraft hire, allowing members from beginner to veteran levels to participate.

Dedicated strategists abide in the Brunei Chess Federation, this organization has been formed to ensure the highest level of Chess play possible and maintains a Chess Training Timetable for six days a week, allowing players to quickly improve their skills and sharpen their minds.

Perhaps you’re more of a rough-and-tumble kind of person? The Brunei Rugby Football Union is perfect for you, whilst still being considered to being in its infancy, the club has already been given full membership in the International Rugby Board almost ten years ago and has played in over a hundred countries.
How about some footy? The National Football Association of Brunei Darussalam (NFABD) is responsible for overseeing all teams and events in Brunei’s football scene and includes leagues such as the Brunei Super League, recently re-admitted to FIFA and AFC, the organization has seen a revival and the football scene has never been bigger.

For those who like to chill out, relax and maybe socialize a little, the Panaga Club has been designed for you, facilities include social, sports and leisure variants in the forms of Badminton, a Gym, Yoga, Basketball, Net Ball, Cricket, Hocky, Swimming, Golf, Rugby, Tennis, Childcare, Cruising, Diving, Sailing, Fishing, Rowing, Windsurfing, Arts, Crafts, Horticulture, a Library, a Music Society and a Dance Centre, among others.