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Weather, Climate & Holidays

Weather & Climate

Brunei has a tropical equatorial climate and sees the peak of its summer between April and June at 24.7 degrees Centigrade (76.5 degrees Fahrenheit) and the depth of its winter between October and December at 23.8 degrees Centigrade (74.8 degree Fahrenheit).

Rainfall also stays fairly consistent with the year with the most rain in the winter months going up to 340mm and being as low as 100mm between February and April.


The Radisson Hotel Brunei offers some of the best luxury apartments available and includes spacious lobbies for socializing, a private poor, childrens playgrounds, climbing walls and a spa. The whole hotel features completely free Wi-Fi, a Business Class Lounge and a Shuttle Service to nearby shopping malls.

A Boutique Hotel with a charm, the Brunei Hotel Bandar Seri Begawan is located right next to all the biggest major banks, the main office spaces of the oil and gas industries and the rest of the city centre. The hotel features a neo-modernistic style with light but prominent splashes of vibrant colours all across the hotel, holding within it some of the most beautiful private spaces possible.

Designed for a luxurious sense of high-class sophistication and simple yet effective design, the Palm Garden Hotel in Bandar Seri Begawan incorporates visual brilliance to give off an elegant, exuberant and utterly beautifully eloquent atmosphere whilst still providing a top quality service to all of its visitors and residents.
The Mangrove Paradise Resort Brunei shifts its focus on the sea and ingeniously features many of its rooms and spaces off of the mainland on huts built up on stilts, reminiscent of the native house-building practice. Don’t worry though, the system is safe, strong and thoroughly tested to ensure you don’t wake up shoulder-deep in seawater.

Kiulap Plaza Hotel is located right bang on in the center of the Gadong and Bandar Seri Begawan areas and features an incredibly close proximity with perfect placement within walking distance to all of the major Business, Financial, Entertainment and Shopping areas of the cities. Each of the rooms has been furnished with a light, warm feel and feels very much like a bed-and-breakfast service, homely, relaxing and safe.

Looking for a taste of luxurious elegance and beauty? The V Plaza Hotel Brunei Darussalam has just that in mind and features an almost abstract art approach to its interior spaces and furnishing choices, however, it keeps a strong presence of professionalism and order within the space and subsequently provides an incredibly eloquent atmosphere.

How about a cosier, more comfortable environment? The Sentosa Hotel Brunei Darussalam has been designed with a Gregorian-esque type appeal but retains modern functionality and many contemporary aesthetic influences. The hotel also is located in close proximity to most of the major shopping areas, restaurants, cafes, bus stations, airlines, banks and gyms.

Keeping to a Switzerland-oriented theme, the Swiss Hotel Kuala Belait in Brunei Darussalam offers two free drinks and snacks at the bar to get you going, and then brings you onto the main attraction; free high-speed Wi-Fi, spacious rooms with a comfortable warm furnishing style and a minibar as well as quick access to the city centre and many restaurants.

One of the top hotels in Brunei, the Plaza Sutera Biru simply exudes a plethora of sophistication and elegant design. The hotel is customized with many Roman accents and influences but keeps true to its boutique look and style and additionally provides beautifully furnished and designed interior spaces for all of its residents.

Meanwhile, the Tat Place Hotel is a more affordable but still amazingly beautiful hotel and includes many upon many wondrous spaces with an inviting and friendly atmosphere. The hotel keeps a slightly more Arabic appearance but combines this with a strong European Victorian look and style throughout the hotel.