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Food & Cuisine

Inspired by the cuisine styles of Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia and it’s other neighbouring countries, Bruneian cuisine relies heavily on the use of fish and rice with less of a reliance on beef due to its high cost. All food is halal due to the country being that of an Islamic nature and pork is practically non-existent in the country. However, other meats are commonly eaten in more rural areas such as deer and wild birds.

Brunei has an incredible affinity with its use of spices and herbs and as such, most dishes are considered to be incredibly spicy. However, at the same time the dishes are commonly consumed with noodles or rice due to the country’s other Asian influences and as such this helps to balance out the diet a little. Favoured dishes include Beef Rendang (spicy beef rolls cooked in coconut milk, often served with steamed rice), Nasi Lemak (rice balls cooked in coconut milk and often served with anchovies, eggs, curry, vegetables and peanuts), Ambuyat (sour fruit soaked sage starch balls).

The country’s favourite drinks are inspired from more local sources and frequently include coffee, tea, coconut milk and fruit juice.