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Teaching Jobs Overseas – “educating the world

Education around the world is growing and growing fast! International schools are growing in recognition as more students (local and expats) are achieving some of the places at top universities around the world.  For this reason alone the number of international schools is growing at a dramatic rate, looking to get to approximately 8000 international schools by 2015.
Not only lucrative business models, but standards in international schools are rising too as they fast become aware of the teaching standards in the western world and look to follow suite in due course. Whereas before many international schools would quite easily employ someone with a degree and a TEFL, they now look for teachers who have a formal qualification and are fully trained.
Teachers that have a M.Ed, B.Ed or a Bachelors Degree with a teaching qualification. Having a TEFL is a bonus and is likely to enable the teacher to earn more. In order for international schools to compete, the ones that establish a flow of high caliber trained teachers often look after their staff very well and not just financially, but from a lifestyle point of view as well.
The difficulty found by most international schools is finding a high volume of high caliber teachers. It seems the growth of schools is more then the pool of teachers available. In addition curriculum’s like the IB are just warming up and being deployed in many international schools.  There are too few high calibre IB teachers applying for positions.
Teachers that are positive, interesting, confident, “go getter” people often make fantastic international teachers.  By having an open mind, many teachers come back saying they are stronger, more educated and revived from the normal working grind at home.
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