Female Teacher Helping Pupil Using Computer In Classroom
Date Posted: January 18, 2019

  Many teachers get confused between “private” and “public” school as they consider it to be the same, but these are two different things. This article will be emphasising the major differences in public and private schools. Private school fees, tuition vs. public school Public schools involve no cost at all meaning there are no… Read more »

Date Posted: January 16, 2019

    The education market in Europe is increasing rapidly with a lot to offer to youngsters to ensure a high calibre of education is delivered and they are provided with the dedicated education programmes to develop innovative, leadership and inspiring entrepreneurship abilities to be able to survive in the tough business environment. Europe is… Read more »

Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date Posted: January 14, 2019

  The strict regulations in the United Arab Emirates can end you in jail for using insulting words towards someone such as ‘fool’ or ‘silly’. Cyberbullying and any type of offensive words towards others are not tolerated at all and will be taken very seriously which could lead you to face a penalty up to… Read more »

Teacher confiscating schoolkid's mobile phone at lesson
Date Posted: January 09, 2019

  China education systems and educational institutions ban the use of mobile phones, virtual gadgets and any apps that can distract learners from focusing at school. The Ministry is tightening the control of phones devices to ensure they are not being used at school and students are banned from accessing illegal sites, games or any… Read more »

Preschool Daycare
Date Posted: January 07, 2019

  Starting the new year is crucial to get everyone back into the learning environment efficiently especially if you are changing classroom and new students are involved. Here are some beneficial tips that can help you start the new year more productive and organised:   1.       Keep the first day back easy! This is ultimate… Read more »

Date Posted: December 10, 2018

  There’re always common assumptions about living in China for first-time visitors but not all are true! Many people will expect bizarre delusions but that’s far from reality. Here are the top common myths of teaching in China: 1.       Pollution This is considered a ‘big thing’ in China, in fact, it’s getting better and it’s… Read more »

Welcome to our company!
Date Posted: November 23, 2018

  SeekTeachers will be hosting an Open Careers Day in London – 2019 To Be Confirmed. This is your chance to meet us and discuss incredible opportunities for you abroad. Our consultants are an expert in what they do so they’ll be able to guide you to the right path; providing all the necessary information you… Read more »

Famous buildings in Abu Dhabi
Date Posted: November 21, 2018

  SeekTeachers is proud to announce that will be once again exhibiting at the Aqdar World Summit from the 26 to 28 November 2018 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, UAE. Come and meet our team at our stand at the exhibition where you can discuss exciting opportunities to teach abroad in the country… Read more »

Depressed businessman
Date Posted: November 19, 2018

  1.      Get help from kids!   There’re always few kids that are ready to help and carry out important responsibilities so why not set each task to them and save the important time to focus on creating a lesson plan for tomorrow or marking the student’s assignments. Handing out resources, collecting completed tasks, wall… Read more »

Man using calculator and calculate bills in home office.
Date Posted: October 29, 2018

  Schools are urged to focus on important life matters and cash related topics that will be useful for children in the ‘real world’ to understand the importance of money management and benefit them to maximise their financial knowledge so they are prepared once independent. The mandatory subjects (English, Maths, Science, ICT) is not enough… Read more »