The Demand for English Teachers

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The Demand for English Teachers


As the world evolves, technology develops, new courses and curricula come and go and the system undergoes rapid administration and amendments, but the demand for teaching and learning English is, and will always be, in demand. English is the global language of choice and with more international schools on the increase, the need for having experienced and qualified English Teachers still remains.


Similar to the developments in the United Kingdom, the requirement for every teacher to have a formal teaching qualification as a standard on the international teaching circuit, is also on the rise. International schools pay close attention to what countries such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa offer to teachers coming into the field. Similarly, they require teachers to have a at least the following: an M.Ed, B.Ed or a Bachelor Degree with a formal teaching qualification. In addition nearly every advert will state: “A successful candidate should be a native speaker of English.”


As technology creates more communication channels than ever, the global demand for English teachers is on the rise. If you are not a fully qualified teacher we highly recommend that you look to obtain a TESOL or TEFL qualification as there is hardly a country in the world which does not have a need for English and English Teachers.


Education authorities around the globe have been deliberately raising their standards of English teaching output, so there are more opportunities than ever for teachers within the formal education sector too.


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