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Date Posted: June 15, 2016

    Does it bother you when your school leader never taught but gives you advice on how to become a better teacher? We once received a phone call from a teacher who was quite upset. She had obtained employment through another agency and had been in her job for only 2 months when she… Read more »

Date Posted: June 15, 2016

    Think of the time you left school. Did you feel prepared to face the world? Did you know how to write a CV? Open a bank account? Rent an apartment or apply for a credit card?  There is a high chance you had to figure this information out on your own through trial… Read more »

Date Posted: June 06, 2016

  As the world becomes increasingly competitive people are working very hard to stand out from the crowd. Having a bachelor degree has now become the equivalent of having a high school diploma 15 years ago.  When you state you have a Bachelors degree, people want to know what else you have. The rise of… Read more »

Date Posted: June 06, 2016

  YES! You can! Up until recently, it was extremely competitive to obtain a position as an ESL teacher in the UAE. However, some programs have recently opened for ESL teachers to teach English in the UAE. However, all English teachers must be • Native speakers • Hold a degree from a Western country and… Read more »

Date Posted: June 01, 2016

  They say that health is important, probably the most important component in our lives. Without health we practically have nothing. So why is it that children in the Western world are given physical education classes only once per week while Math and Language lessons are given nearly daily? Will math or language save your… Read more »

Date Posted: January 25, 2016

  When teaching overseas, you will find that many schools look for teachers who possess IB experience. However, to obtain IB training you must be working at IB schools so although it seems like a catch 22, there are possibilities for schools to hire teachers with no IB experience and teach them as they go… Read more »

Date Posted: December 22, 2015

  *Contributed anonymously by one of our teachers* Having taught in Canada for the majority of my teaching career, I had a sort of culture shock when I landed as a supply in a UK school in London. You would think there is not much culture difference between Canada and the United Kingdom, however there… Read more »

Date Posted: December 09, 2015

  At some point in our lives, many of us have set personal New Year’s Resolutions. There is nothing more fresh than the thought of a “new year” and a “new you”. However, have you ever thought about setting “New Year’s Teaching Resolutions?” Many teachers are stepping away from personal resolutions and exploring the professional… Read more »

Date Posted: November 30, 2015

    Teaching internationally requires courage (lots of it!) and a zest for life and adventure of course.  When people hear of someone teaching overseas, they automatically assume the person is adventurous and perhaps unattached and without many commitments. However, more and more families are choosing the move overseas to teach internationally. The choice revolves… Read more »

Date Posted: November 16, 2015

    These days everyone is excited about 21st-century learning skills and 21st-century curriculum supported activities. However, very few people question what a 21st-century educator looks like Let’s take a look: A 21st-century teacher should be connected. By connected I mean connected to the digital world and connected to students individual learning’s strategies and connected… Read more »