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Selam Seh-lahm Hello/Hi
Elveda Elle-veh-dah Good Bye!
Konusmak Mi Ingilizce / Turkce Cohn-oo-smack Mee Eng-eel-eez-sey / Ter-sey Do you speak English / Spanish?
Benim Adim… Beh-nihm Ah-dihm My name is…
Bana Yardim Edebilir Misin? Bah-nah Yar-deem Eh-deh-bih-leer Miss-een Can you help me?
Ariyorum… Ah-ree-your-uhm I’m looking for…
Evet / Yok Ee-veht / Yock Yes / No
Tesekkur Ederim Teh-she-cur Eh-deh-eem Mr / Mrs / Miss
Bugun / Simdi Buh-guhn / Seem-dee Today / Now
Yarin / Dun Yar-een / Doon Tomorrow / Yesterday
Bu / O / Iste / Orada Boo / Oh / Ees-tey / Or-ah-dah This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common Turkish phrases to help you get around. 


Around 85% of the country’s population speak Turkish as this is considered the country’s mother tongue and has always had longstanding origins in the country, being first spoken over 1300 years ago and brought in from Mongolia and originating in the Turkish Khaganate.

A further 12% speaks Kurdish and 1% more speak Arabic and Zaza. The country is home to some of the most endangered languages in the world including Abaza, Adyge, Gagauz, Homshetsma, Kabard-Cherkes, Mlahso, Romani, Turoyo, Western Armenian, Abkhaz, Cappadocian Green, Hertevin, Judezmo, Laz, Pontic Greek, Suret, Ubykh and Zazaki.