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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

Saudi Arabia’s telecommunications span vast networks and stretch country-wide, these include over 4.6 million main telephone lines, over 53.7 million mobile lines and over 100,000 digital radio trunking systems.

These use a variety of undersea cables as well as a microwave radio relay to Bahrain, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Sudan, Jordan, Qatar and Yemen, a coaxial cable connecting Saudi Arabia to Kuwait and Jordan. The country also uses 5 Intelsat, 1 Arabsat and 1 Inmarsat Satellite earth satellite earth stations.


There are 22 Internet Service Providers across the country which cater to around 13 million Internet users under the top level domain .sa. Prices vary based on the speed and you can get rates ranging from 0.128mb at 99 SAR ($26.40 or £16.80) to 200mb at 799 SAR ($213 or £135) monthly.


The country’s Televisions number over 5.1 million and these have access to around 117 Television broadcast stations. Meanwhile, Radios number over 6.25 million and include around 70-80 Radio broadcast stations in AM, FM and shortwave frequencies.