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Housing & Living Expenses

Food in Saudi Arabia can cost a varied amount dependant on what you are looking for, it’s important to note that both Pork and Alcohol are banned country-wide.
However, a meal at a restaurant will cost between 15 and 50 SAR ($4-$13.30 or £2.50-£8.50) dependant on where you go, water costs around 1.35 SAR ($0.36 or £0.23) per litre, milk costs around 4.05 SAR ($1.10 or £0.69) per litre, 500g of bread costs around 2.30 SAR ($0.61 or £0.39) and 12 eggs will set you back around 7.89 SAR ($2.10 or £1.40).

Luxury-wise, costs can also vary, with a pack of cigarettes costing around 9.50 SAR ($2.53 or £1.61).

As far as rent goes, monthly rent for a 1 bedroom apartment in the city centre will cost around 1,530 SAR ($410 or £260), outside the city centre you’ll be looking at around 1,140 SAR ($300 or £190). Meanwhile a 3 bedroom apartment will cost around 2,790 SAR ($740 or £470) in the city centre and around 2,100 SAR ($560 or £360) outside.