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Safety, Security, Crime & Emergency Numbers

In the old market areas especially, petty crime is minimal and on the whole the crime rate of Bahrain is extremely low. However, incidents of violent crime are slowly increasing and there are small underground drug and human trafficking incidents as well, however, around 65% of these crimes are not committed by Bahraini nationals. Bahrain was rated a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10 (with 0 being the most corrupt and 10 being most transparent) by Transparency International and 46th most corrupt country by the Corruption Perceptions Index 2007 out of 179 countries, with the most corrupt countries at the top of the list. Additionally, threat of terrorism is a concern as well but terrorist attacks are rare at most. 

Emergency Numbers

  • General Emergency: 112
  • Traffic Police: 199
  • Casualties: 990
  • Criminal Investigations: 992
  • Coast Guards: 994
  • National Emergency Call Centre: 999