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Phone Lines, Internet & Communications

Phone Lines

Austria has the 47th most fixed phone lines in the world and the 60th most mobile phone lines in the world with 3.4 million and 13 million phone lines respectively. The Austrian mobile phone market is famous for having some of the lowest rates in Europe due to high competition in the Austrian telecommunications sector and popular networks include A1, T-Mobile, Orange and Drei.


Austria has almost 40 internet service providers including Telekom Austria, Tele2, UPC and kabelPlus and is home to 6.7 million internet users, approximately 81% of the population is online. This accumulates to over two million fixed broadband subscriptions and over 4.5 million mobile subscriptions and over 3.5 million internet hosts. The country’s top level domain is .at, however, the code .wien has been proposed to be used for Vienna specifically.  Services vary with ISPs typically offering average speeds of 30Mb/s, but speeds of up to 100Mb/s are available through Fibre-optic.

Austria has been heavily criticized by the media for its blocking of The Pirate Bay and isoHunt which are often used to share pirated software and media, but beside this move Austria’s censorship on the internet is nearly non-existent with authorities only blocking websites containing illicit images of minors or neo-Nazi groups.


Over 160 radio broadcast stations are available across the Austrian mainland with most of these being FM radio, but some being AM and shortwave stations. It’s thought that there are over 6.5 million radios and 4.5 million televisions in the country, the largest broadcasting stations being ATV, Servus TV, Osterreichischer Rundfunk (ORF) and Puls 4.