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Languages & Phrases

Hallo Hah-low Hello/Hi
Lebewohl Leeb-eh-worl Good Bye!
Sprechen sie Englisch/Deutsch Spreck-en see In-gliss-k/Dush-k Do you speak English / Spanish?
Mein name ist... Mine nay-m eest My name is…
Konnen sie mir helfen? Con-ehn see mur hell-fehn Can you help me?
Ich suche nach Eeek soosh naahk I’m looking for…
Ja/Nicht Yah/Neek Yes / No
Danke Dahn-keh Mr / Mrs / Miss
Heute/Nun Hey-oot/Nuhn Today / Now
Morgen/Gestern More-gehn/Guest-urn Tomorrow / Yesterday
Dies/Dass/Hier/Da Dees/Daas/He-ear/Dah This / That / Here / There


Above are a few common German phrases to help you get around.


Austria’s most commonly spoken language is German, which is spoken by around 88% of the population. German is spoken almost exclusively in education and is used almost exclusively for Austrian publications and websites but differs slightly in dialect from the German used in Germany itself. Further dialects of German are split between varying regions of Austria.

Other commonly spoken languages include Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian, Serbian (combined population of 4%), Turkish (2%), Hungarian (0.5%) and Polish (0.5%). There are also smaller minority groups speaking Slovene, Romanian, Arabic, Czech, Slovak, Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, Malay, Spanish, Persian, Bulgarian and English.