Education: 12.6 Million Teachers needed for 2020

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We’ve always been aware of how badly the world needs to be educated and how important a resource for the world a teacher’s capabilities are. But recent days have shed light on just how important teachers are in today’s world. We have a myriad of problems plaguing the planet that can be solved ever so easily should the right people have the right information. And the best way to guarantee that is with universal primary education across the globe.


Of course, this would require a colossal undertaking. In fact, according to a new report by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) on World Teachers’ Day, over 4 Million Teachers are needed if global primary education is to be hit by 2015. Over 1.4 Million of these teachers are bound for sub-Saharan Africa alone, where over 70% of all countries currently are in desperate need of qualified teachers. These teachers are urgently needed, as over 250 million children are already failing to undertake a basic primary education and learn the so-called ‘basics’, 58 million of these are unable to attend class at all due to distance, lack of facilities or lack of educators.



The amount of teachers needed is expected to increase drastically to well over 12.6 million by 2020. With Africa’s recent developments and economic growth, it’s expected that a large majority of these teachers will be needed in booming countries such as Nigeria and Zambia. Of these 12.6 million, around 10.2 million would be replacing teachers who retire, while the last 2.4 million will be necessary for brand-new roles in new departments, campuses and new schools entirely.


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